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ecenact software as a service (saas)


For more information, access one of the following resources or contact us at info@ecdsllc.com.

Downloads & Resources
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pdf Download the ecENACT product datasheet
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ecENACT Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service (SaaS), a kind of “cloud computing”, marks a fundamental change in the way software is created, delivered and used. The advantages of SaaS include ease of installation (there isn't any), administration (there isn't much) and maintenance (we take care of it, automatically), as well as complexity reduction and almost limitless scalability as user needs vary over time.

SaaS is applicable for nearly any software — platform or application. There are several distinct advantages when you choose the SaaS deployment option for ecENACT or an ecENACT application.

Eliminates the complexity of integrating and managing communication technologies
Communication technologies are inherently complex, requiring a lot of expert configuration and detailed administration to set up and keep running. When you choose the Saas deployment option for ecENACT, this complexity is hidden from users and developers. All of the gateways needed to connect to communications providers (email, SMS, voice, etc.) are pre–configured and managed by ECDS. All you need to do is to send a Web services request (an XML message) to ecENACT, for example from an enterprise application or business process management system, and the desired communication is executed.

Makes communication seamlessly scalable
With our increasingly mobile and distributed work and lifestyles, coupled with the explosion in the use of smartphones, PDAs and other hand-held devices, effective communication requires scalability as never before. With the SaaS deployment option for ecENACT, you (and your users) can send one message or thousands — or more. Whatever your needs, large or small, ECDS will have the ability to handle it.

Integrates with any enterprise application or business process management system
Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for ecENACT are designed following the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) standard, so integrating with ecENACT is as simple as sending an XML–formatted message. This makes it quick and easy to add ecENACT capabilities to any enterprise application or business process management system.

SaaS makes it easy to get started with and use ecENACT

ecENACT is the leading Enhanced Communications solution, addressing communication-centric business problems as diverse as multi–channel marketing, customer service, health care network communication and emergency alerts and notifications. ecENACT is the only solution that is multi–mode, multi–directional and enables intelligent message delivery. When you choose the SaaS deployment option for ecENACT or an ecENACT application, there is no software to buy, install or manage, so it is easy to get started and to quickly gain the benefits of Enhanced Communications in your business processes.

SaaS is the ideal platform for developing on ecENACT

For OEMs, system integrators, ISVs, VARs and enterprise developers, choosing the SaaS deployment option to access ecENACT functionality eliminates the complexity and integration barriers to incorporating Enhanced Communications capabilities into any application. There is nothing to install, nothing to integrate and nothing to manage. All communication gateways are pre–configured, relationships with gateway providers are already in place, and sending any communication — and receiving a response — is as easy as sending a Web services formatted message. Further, the API is the same for all communication modes, so developers have total flexibility in choosing any communication mode or combination of modes.